By purchasing Sprue product on Homiemall, the client agrees to the Terms and Conditions as below.


Many materials used by SPRUE Ltd. are natural and therefore samples may vary from finished product. SPRUE Ltd. will do our best to ensure that the finished product is as close a representation in color/grain/texture as possible, but variations may still occur (ex. Tonal differences between lumber from two different tress/lots of the same species). SPRUE will not be held responsible for variations of this kind.

Many of SPRUE Ltd.’s materials incorporate imperfections as part of the design character. Unless otherwise stated, user facing surfaces (Edges of doors, drawer panel faces, shelf tops, etc.) are finished to the best of our ability. Hidden surfaces (Undersides of tables, internal cavities, backs of carcasses) will be finished with an aim toward durability, not aesthetic. There may be variations in texture and thickness of finished product compared to the drawing because of the tolerances and limitations of natural materials and of all handmade original products. SPRUE is not responsible for these variations.

Wood used in production by SPRUE Ltd. comes from trees that are naturally grown. This leads to variations in color and shade. SPRUE Ltd. is bound by the inherent properties of the material. Clients acknowledge that they understand the outcomes as outlined below:

  1. Differences in tone and patterns will occur in the specific items we ship. These express unique characteristics & colorations due to the climate, geography etc. These differences may be present between difference wood pieces within a given work, even pieces of the same species.

  2. Wood will naturally warp and shift according the humidity and climate. All of the woods supplied by SPRUE Ltd. are grown outside of the Hong Kong and thus warping and shifting is to be expected, and each is weathered differently since wood is ordered on a per project basis. SPRUE Ltd. reserves the right to make reinforcements and/or adjustments to the finished piece. Where reinforcement is not used, SPRUE is not responsible for any warping or shifting of components related to temperature and humidity.

  3. Wood will naturally have varying degrees of cracks, knots, and checks that may need to be reinforced. SPRUE Ltd. reserves the right to choose styles and techniques of fabrication where they are not otherwise specified in the invoice, example: bowties vs resin fill, screws vs glue vs joinery. SPRUE Ltd. reserves the right to include these techniques in a project where required by the material being used. This is a choice made by SPRUE Designers and if specific techniques are desired these must be discussed before the project starts.

SPRUE Ltd. exercises creative control in regards to these variations and all others unless otherwise agreed and will only contact the client should they feel a consultation is necessary.

Lead Times:

The delivery date is under the discretion of SPRUE Ltd. and its staff. Although every effort will be made to complete work within the estimated timeframe, due to the nature of our process, it may be necessary to exceed timeframes to maintain quality or because such delay was caused outside of SPRUE Ltd.’s control.


Should an installation be requested, the space must be cleared and ready for SPRUE Ltd.’s staff with the product.

It is the responsibility for the undersigned to have measured and confirmed the product will fit in the intended space along with the getting the product into the place of delivery, for example: Hallways, elevators, and around corners. SPRUE Ltd.’s staff is not expected to walk up flights of stairs with the product and therefore the product will be left at ground floor if access to the intended space is obstructed. If another day for installation is requested, there will be an additional cost, the amount under the discretion of, and made to SPRUE Ltd. before arrival.

Any alteration of the products required by the undersigned post delivery and/or assembly will have an additional cost and will be paid to SPRUE Ltd. before alteration commences.
SPRUE Ltd. does not accept responsibility of damage to goods in transit in situations where SPRUE Ltd. is not in charge of the transportation.


Should a wood slab be required for production, SPRUE Ltd. will try its best to find one suitable. However because the slabs are cut from trees that are readily available in the market for the production, the outcome of the slab may vary from our samples. It is under SPRUE Ltd.’s discretion on using which slab for production. SPRUE may agree to assist in the selection of a slab, but is not required to do so.


SPRUE Ltd. reserves the right to display images of completed works in their marketing material through their website or through other sources.


The specification of the material and finish for the environment in which it is to be placed, is the responsibility of the undersigned. SPRUE Ltd. will not be liable for the choice of materials supplied.

At all times SPRUE will make all information related to the project available to the undersigned. This includes photos of any part or process, and site access to the SPRUE Ltd. workshop to view the parts/processes. In light of this, SPRUE Ltd. interprets any acceptance of delivery/installation as approval of the finished product and will not accept any costs associated with the removal and/or replacement of items that are disapproved of after installation has occurred. SPRUE Ltd. is not required to replace/alter items after installation has occurred.

SPRUE’s Conditions of Contract supersedes all other companies’ conditions.